Clark Thompson

My name is Clark Thompson, I’m an avid sports fan, residing in the Hudson Valley area of New York and a passionate sports photographer as well. Having the opportunity to shoot youth, high school, college, adult, recreation, semi-pro and professional teams in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. is a site displaying action photos of teams with great athletes competing at their best. As a sports photographer I capture these unforgettable moments with a determined commitment to provide memorable photos for athletes and families that would desire owning these photos.

I've been honored as an official photographer for the Five Star Football League, Major League Football and Regional American Football League.
Photographer for Monroe College and ASA College football teams. As well as a photographer for the NY Sharks Women's Professional Football team.
Photographer for Triple Crown Sports both youth baseball and softball.
Photographer for City Legendz basketball events
Photographer for Poughkeepsie Raceway
Photographer for roller deby teams in Hyde Park, Yonkers, and Chester.
Published in Collection magazine which is published by Robb Report Aug 2013 for a Disney art collector.

I’m a proud member of the Professional Photographers’ Society of New York State, Dutchess Regional Professional Photographers, Westchester Photographic Society and Mid-Hudson Photography Club. I continue improving my knowledge of photography to provide exciting action photos for you.

Feel free to email at or call at (914) 403-3945